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Online businesses do best with online marketing. Online opportunity and online work is, at the moment, at its zenith. Online communities help me connect Defining Collaboration Communities and Collaboration Web 2. Perhaps a better way of stating the issue is: What should you do to make online work successful in your work area. Most people manage by deadlines, and making decisions based on the online input keeps it real. People need to know what they are expected to do when they come to the online work area.Creative Commons licenses attach to the work and authorize everyone who comes in contact with the work to use it consistent with the license. Creative Commons licenses are expressed in three different formats: the Commons Deed (human-readable code), the Legal Code (lawyer-readable code); and the metadata (machine readable code). Creative Commons licenses give you the ability to dictate how others may exercise your copyright rights–such as the right of others to copy your work, make derivative works or adaptations of your work, to distribute your work and/or make money from your work.You will want to check to see that the online program you are interested in provides solid, standards-based content, is an accredited program, and the instructors are licensed by the state certification agency in the subject area of the course. (There are some strong and mixed views about whether that would fly in a court if one is licensed as a counselor or therapist. The issue of license portability also was raised, specifically in the context of forensic evaluation as an expert, but of course the notion of having cooperation between states would have greater implications for the profession as more consultation of all varieties becomes easier to do through the use of technology. The license is a statement as to what others may do with your work, so you should select a license that matches what you are happy for others to do with your work. Finally, you can also consult with a lawyer to obtain advice on the best license for your needs.What information should your organization know, but you don’t. This information will get you started as you explore the online learning opportunity. If you want to see how this online endeavor works, check out some of the information for the other “audiences,” like the online teacher. The manager needs intelligent courseware and user interfaces, tailored to his level, without commercial `fuzzy information but with opportunities for in-depth study. For example, keep a backup copy of files on a home computer so you can e-mail important information to students.The contractor shall provide technical and analysis support to the government in support of the USMCC mission and COSPAS-SARSAT. -provide technical support for the analysis of false alarms and interferers, the definition of service areas, the addition of new [Search and Rescue Point of Contacts], the evaluation of new COSPAS-SARSAT related technology, and the commissioning of new MCCs. In support of its contention that the work is beyond the scope of SSAI’s contract, the protester points to the language in the SOW that expressly provides that SSAI is not responsible for maintaining any proprietary software, the fact that no express language covering the work is contained in the contract, the fact that when SSAI’s contract was let Techno-Sciences was responsible for maintaining the proprietary online software, and the fact that costs under the contract have exceeded the estimated price of the work.NOAA responds that the work being performed by SSAI under these task orders is within the scope of SSAI’s contract because of the broad language of the technical support section of the SOW, which was said to cover support of the entire COSPAS-SARSAT mission as well as the USMCC effort–both online and offline functions–with the sole exception of maintaining Techno-Sciences’s proprietary software. The record shows that the express purpose of the SSAI contract is to provide NOAA with the required support necessary to operate and maintain the USMCC. Consistent with this purpose, the language in the scope of work broadly defines technical support to include, among other things, analysis of new or changing Cospas-Sarsat requirements, and other support as required by the Cospas-Sarsat mission. C of the SOW specifically requires SSAI to provide technical and analysis support to the government in support of the USMCC mission and Cospas-Sarsat, without any stated restrictions.The Open University Business School (UK) is a pioneer in identifying competencies of online coaches. An advisory committee of business, government, and educational leaders was formed and met annually to provide input to the hubsite managers. In fact, many companies have used patents to protect novel ways of doing business on the Web. However, it’s advisable to officially register the copyright for Web content that has high business value, since official registration provides irrefutable proof of authorship. Creating and Managing Information Security Policies Survey: Companies disregard data security breach risks Blogging on corporate laptops is risky business Convergence of security and network management has pros and cons Embarking on the ISO 17799 certification trail How can a CSO take ownership of a security program. The goal of any online business is to sell something, be it a product, service, or information. Your web site should reflect how you want customers to feel about your business. One of the top Internet business strategies is to choose relevant keywords for the most efficient search engine optimization.”The article includes research on tipping points and a review of issues involved in building successful networks. Online work is organized according to workshop topics. Each workshop has its own folder with work related to that workshop in the folder. Also make sure to follow these rules of “Netiquette” to make sure your work is the best it can be: Give credit in your works cited list to anyone whose work you use. This overview focuses on copyright, which explicitly protects “original works of authorship. For online works created after 1977, copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of author. For online works, you apply a Creative Commons license to a work by selecting the license that suits your preferences. For offline works, you should identify which Creative Commons license you wish to apply to your work and then mark your work either: (a) with a statement such as “This work is licensed under the Creative Commons [insert description] License. The only difference between applying a Creative Commons license to an offline work and applying it to an online work is that offline works will not include the metadata and, consequently, will not be identified via Creative Commons-customized search engines. So they apply to all works that are protected by copyright law.One of the largest benefits in working online is that the work is immediately archived — that is, it is available to everyone, anytime they want to access it. Working online is also, in some ways, more secure. Does online working save time because people do not have to meet anymore. Best practice human resource strategies would give particular attention not only to better job design and different working conditions associated with online work, but also to sophisticated strategies for building and sustaining work and knowledge networks. The online work uses the World Wide Web and we are working to develop an increasingly user-friendly environment for this networking.