CSA 2010 – Proven Experience Versus “Techno-Geek” – Computer Program and Techno

Despite the fact that computer software and computers themselves are still not particularly “user friendly” and have WAY too many “glitches”, they have been a tremendous help to our businesses. However, we have to spend so much time (and money for assistance) in the programs themselves that we have far less time to work on our businesses. The “gurus” know how to make computers and software work, at least to their advantage.Case in point: There are many “computer geeks” out there who have developed upscale websites and computer programs (with aggressive marketing) who try to sell these programs to our industry while claiming to be “experts” in trucking and transportation in general. Example: Do you really need another method, such as a “report card” or other means to find out where you might be placed in your “safety performance” with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration? You already have that information, FREE! Do you really need more information that is also free, regarding CSA2010? You can pay big bucks to buy the information from several vendors. Ours is free.What Everyone Needs To Know Is This: How do I actually IMPROVE my company’s Safety Performance. CSA2010 is all about the FMCSA’s method to track motor carriers’ Safety Performance and to intervene when a carrier’s performance shows a score high on the percentile chart. Carriers will have no trouble knowing where they are in the percentile rankings but where’s the help? The intervention process will require a “cooperative safety plan”, only AFTER a carrier is shown to be deficient in its safety performance in a given BASIC.A company’s safety performance (and a driver’s performance) will be available to you, your insurance company, your customers, etc., with permission, but this information alone will not be of any assistance, rather it is just to inform you, or your insurance company (or anyone else, such as a paying customer) that you need to DO SOMETHING to improve your safety performance.The Question Is This: what are you doing and what are you going to do?Here the starting point, and we have lot more. Carriers must get everyone in their respective companies involved. This is not just about Safety Directors and Drivers. Top management, dispatchers and everyone else in the company must fully understand that their job tasks directly affect the company’s total “Safety Performance”, which will also affect the company’s marketability and ultimately affect its bottom line profit.We have found that many insurers are willing to help the motor carriers they insure, but are wisely not interested in providing additional products or services that are redundant or have little or no affect on actual performance and profitability of the company they insure. That’s another reason why we built, and constantly add to, our own website. We show our members “how” to get those necessary things done.Don’t wait until the CSA2010 implementation dates roll around because the data is already being collected. We are the REAL experts and we have been here, assisting motor carriers and their insurance companies for just about 25 years. And we don’t charge exorbitant rates for our services. We will continue to give you lots of good information, FREE and additional information and services at a fair price.http://www.professionalsafetyconsulting.com